Jobsearch Canada is a full service recruitment firm that specializes in meeting the needs of employers from a wide range of industries.

Honesty, trust, respect

‘We are an organization of, for and about people.’

Our sole focus is meeting the recruitment needs of our clients. This is accomplished through building a rapport with our clients, understanding how their business operates and identifying the varying challenges and needs that each organization has. Our goal is to use honesty, trust, and respect to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Quality professional service

Jobsearch Canada is committed to providing quality professional service that exceeds our client’s needs and expectations. We are an organization of, for and about people. We value people, relationships, integrity, trust and equality in all our business practices. We are an organization that recognizes excellence is a habit: a habit of repeatedly doing our best, regardless of the challenges. We operate at the highest level of professionalism. Our intention is not only to exceed your goals, but also to exceed your expectations.

Jobsearch Canada believes in being on the same team as our clients; ensuring our search efforts is in alignment with your business objectives. We believe in understanding your corporate culture and the Hiring Manager’s department culture. This insight positions us to become your strategic staffing partner; giving our recruiters the tools they need to effectively screen, identify and evaluate the right candidate for the job and the best fit for the team.

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Client satisfaction

At Jobsearch Canada, we measure our success by the level of satisfaction our clients gain from our services and the accomplishments of the individuals we place within their organization. Our consultants have years of experience and knowledge in recruiting within the Real Estate industry.