Services and Solutions

Mining for Talent

Jobsearch Canada maintains an edge by having the ability to think outside the box in regards to recruiting, we do this by headhunting the next generation of management. By headhunting, we primarily target the candidates that are employed by our clients’ competitors.


At Jobsearch Canada, we strive to be industry specialists. In order to achieve this status, we ensure that we perform our due diligence by learning the "in's" and "out's" of the industry. Cold-calling allows us to learn the structure of various companies and the movement of the employees within them.

Circulating Surveys

At Jobsearch Canada we are continually striving to improve our knowledge with gaining insight from the industry. Our surveys are linked with the following sectors within the industry: Leasing, Property Management, Accounting, Construction and Administration. Our surveys are specific to the industry.

Referral Programs

Jobsearch Canada values the referrals that are granted to us by both candidates and clients. We believe that receiving a referral is a considerable responsibility and we strive to ensure that each referral receives the utmost level of professional service and consideration. We see a referral as a compliment and we do our best to ensure that we meet the highest of standards.


Jobsearch Canada is a firm believer in following up with our candidates with any feedback that will allow them to progress with their careers and to make beneficial decisions.