We empower people and organizations to exceed their potential and to reach mutually satisfying decisions.

Jobsearch Canada Inc. is a full service consulting agency serving both private and public sectors.  We work closely with Commercial Real Estate, Development, Construction, Asset Management, Property Management, Wealth Management and Finance clients to help them design optimal teams, fill vacant positions and define job responsibilities.  Simultaneously, we align the best talent in the industry with suitable companies to bring their career the attention, focus and growth potential it deserves. We continuously reach for the highest level of excellence in the consulting services that we provide.  Our extensive search network also enables us to serve organizations and talent situated in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

Our Guiding Principles


We say what we mean and we do what we say. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and and we create an environment where people can speak freely about their short and long term goals and aspirations.


We are intensely curious, always learning new information about the industries we serve. In turn, we actively share our knowledge with clients and candidates encouraging growth and development.


We embrace people with different points of view and from all backgrounds. We think and work as a team, not as individuals - always.


We never settle for the status quo. We always strive to be better today than we were yesterday and do our best for our clients, colleagues and candidates.

Head Hunting

During the recruitment process, our consultants use their experience and knowledge to think outside the box to help you achieve your goals.  We seek the highest quality candidates while primarily targeting talent employed by your competitors.  Developing strong relationships with key industry players also enables us to understand the market and its future outlook. 


We believe in the importance of continuously following up with our clients and candidates. Respecting your time and effort with regular correspondence is critical to us. Staying in touch enables the process to progress smoothly ensuring mutually beneficial decisions are reached in a timely manner.

Referral Program

We value every referral that we receive. Accepting a referral is a considerable responsibility and we strive to provide the utmost level of service and consideration.  A referral is a compliment that deserves our undivided attention.


We are recognized as industry specialists because we exercise due diligence during the sourcing stage, including, cold-calling.  We learn the “ins” and “outs” of each of the industries we serve and the various organizations within them.  Cold-calling enables us to understand an organization’s structure and the movement of their employees within them.


Regular distribution and collection of in-depth surveys enables us to expand our industry knowledge and insight.  Our surveys are customized for the specific industry and encompass areas such as, Leasing, Property Management, Accounting, Construction and Administration.